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Welcome to the 2018 Coaches Academy presented by the United States Fencing Coaches Association

This year's Coaches Academy will take place on the beautiful campus of the University of Nevada at Las Vegas July 21st through 28th, 2018. The Coaches Academy will have access to their state of the art facility and amenities throughout the conference. You can learn more about UNLV by visiting their website here:

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Peter Burchard, USFCA President, will be leading this year's coaching academy with an array of skilled Fencing Masters including Cody Mattern, Jennifer Oldham, Yves Auriol, and more!

Workshops, seminars, and training sessions will include:
Beginning through Elite Athlete Develepment
Modern Teaching Methods of the Individual Lesson
Strip Coaching Athletes
Footwork & Group Lesson Instruction
Training Lifetime Athletes: Topics for Veteran Fencers
First Aid and CPR Certification
Business Models: How to improve your club's business presence
Professional Development and Networking Sessions

Beginning Level Coaches
If you are new to coaching fencing, and want a jump start on your coaching career, you are encouraged to attend! New and beginning level coaches are welcomed at Coaches Academy, you will have access to a wealth of coaching knowledge and have the ability to work towards earning your first coaching certification. 

High School Coaches
High School fencing teams are growing rapidly throughout the United States. If you are Coaching a High School team, chances are you are building your program from the ground up.  The curriculum at Coaches Academy will help you get started and give you a firm foundation to build your team, and earning an accreditation is great professional development opportunity.

Intermediate through Advanced Coaches
Intermediate through advanced level coaches have athletes regularly competing at the regional through national level and are working towards earning higher levels of coaching certification. Coaches Academy provides a challenging and supportive environment for coaches to improve their individual lesson skills, learn new exercises and techniques, and improve their sense of timing and distance.

Tuition & Registration
Tuition for the 2018 USFCA Coaches Academy is $1200 for the week, which includes all 7 days of coaching training, seminars, and workshops as well as housing on the beautiful campus of UNLV. Breakfast and lunch are provided with the housing option. For local coaches, or those wanting to select their own housing option, the tuition fee is $900 for the week.

Your space is reserved when you pre-register and pay the $250, nonrefundable, registration fee. Your deposit is applied to the final balance due. The remaining balance is payable by check to:

United States Fencing Coaches Associaiton
514 NW 164th Street, Edmond, OK 73013-2001

Final payment is available onsite on the first day of Coaches Academy, although pre-payment in full is preferred. 


Two scholarships are available for the 2018  USFCA Coaches Academy. One full $1200 scholarship to cover tuition, room & board and one partial $900 scholarship also to be applied toward tuition room & board at the 2018 Coaches Academy.

To apply for a scholarship:

  • Submit a letter to the USFCA Professional Development Committee. Email the letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • Give a brief history of your fencing experience
    • Explain why you deserve or need a scholarship and what will you do with the knowledge that you gain from the Coaches Academy
    • Tell us what kinds of activities you are doing to promote fencing in your school or community
  • Submit a letter of recommendation from your head coach or program supervisor. If you are the head coach of a private club a letter from one of your students will be acceptable.


Scholarship application deadline: April 22

Scholarship awards announced May 6th

Additional Information & Updates
The brand new USFCA Website will be the main portal of information, schedules, presenters, and workshops. Please take a moment to visit our new site, renew or update your membership information, and visit the Coaches Academy Page. Please be patient as we are working furiously to update our content, modernize our testing system, and improve communication!

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