Assistant Moniteur

In the initial level, Assistant Moniteurs are qualified to assist all levels of certified professional coaches (Moniteur, Prévôt, and Master) in teaching group lessons and beginner level classes in the club or salle. They can help the coach run a training class during the warm-ups, games for agility, speed and coordination, footwork, basic partner drills, and bouting. Assistant Moniteurs should operate under the direct supervision of a certified professional to carry out beginner courses which may be in a fencing club or school, college, or recreation program. Assistant Moniteurs earn their certification by passing an online written exam and either completing 20 hours of work and 20 hours of instruction under a Moniteur, Prévôt, or Master that is a current USFCA member or pass a formal practical examination. The Assistant Moniteur level is the only certification level available for coaches under the age of 18. The recommended age is 14 and older.


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