Agenda for the 2018 Coaches Academy has been posted here

Every year at the AGM, each and everyone of us has an opportunity to make a difference. This year we will elect our new Executive Committee, and vote on a changes to our bylaws.

USFCA Annual General Meeting

The 2018 Annual General Meeting will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada

Where: UNLV, Las Vegas, NV

When: July 28, 2018

a) Roll Call
b) Approval of minutes of previous meeting
c) Report of Officers
d) Report of Board(s)
e) Report of Standing Committees
f) Report of Special Committees
g) Unfinished Business
h) New Business.      1) Discussion/Vote on constitution/by-laws change, see below
i) Miscellaneous correspondence
j) Election of Officers
k) Good of Association
l) Adjournment

The nominating committee(s) has put forth the following slate:

Per our bylaws, since the election for all offices is uncontested, the EC has declared that the nominated candidates for that office are elected. The following individuals will be our officers for the 2018-2020 term.

President  Peter Burchard

Exec. VP   Walid Mahran 
Midwest     Paul Geraci     
Northeast   Bruce Gillman 
South         Amgad Badawe
West          Sandor Mandoki
Southeast  Rylan DeLap
Treasurer    Steve Behrends
Secretary    Chuck Alexander
Certification and Accreditation Board:
Jennifer Oldham 
Ronald Miller

Constitution/Bylaws proposal to be discussed and voted on at AGM


Bylaws Election Voting methods – Change of wording in Article II, Section 6, a10

10) Those members exercising their voting privileges shall return the official election ballot to the Chairperson of the Nominating and Elections Committee post USFCA marked and/or duly received at least fifteen (15) days prior to the Annual General Meeting. Votes shall be by secret ballot.

The secret ballot voting will either be made by using a two-envelope system to ensure the eligibility of the voter, or by an alternative electronic voting method approved of by the Executive Committee, which ensures voter eligibility.


Constitution/Bylaws Amendment Voting Methods - Change to Article VI, Section 1 (Page 24)

SECTION 1: No changes to the By-Laws shall be made except by written resolution delivered to
the Secretary at least forty-five (45) days before the Annual General Meeting of the Association,
and placed upon the Agenda of action at the Annual General Meeting. The Secretary shall
distribute the resolution to the Executive Committee upon receiving it. A copy of the resolution to
change the By-Laws shall be sent to every current member at least twenty-one (21) days before the
Annual General Meeting, and shall require for its passage a simple majority vote of the
membership voting at the Annual General Meeting.

In lieu of balloting at the Annual General Meeting, the President may direct a mail ballot by mail, or by an alternative electronic voting method approved of by the Executive Committee, which ensures voter eligibility of all voting members,  A mail ballot may be distributed and voted upon at any time during the year.


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