Thursday, November 23, 2017
Information on using this website

The USFCA website can be accessed in three different "modes."  

  • General Public
  • Registered Website user
  • USFCA Member

When you access the website and have not registered (or do not log in, if you're a registered user or member), you're using the "General Public" mode.  This gives you access to a wealth of information about the USFCA, its registered coaches and clubs, the accrediation process, coaching information and other topics.

If you register as a user, you will have access to all this, plus some additional information and the ability to subscribe to USFCA electronic newsletters & notfications.   

The really good stuff is available when you join the USFCA as a member.  Upon logging in as a member, you will have access to numerous articles about coaching and fencing, archived copies of The Swordmaster and Point In Line magazines, and the ability to post your own information on the "Find a Coach" list.  This list makes it easy for prospective students to find you and to see your certification with the US Fencing Coaches Association.

When you register as a Website User, you will be asked for some information about yourself, so that we can maintain accurate demographics. 

To enroll as a USFCA Member, you must first register as a website user.   Then go to the online Membership page (in the menu), and follow the instructions there.



You can join the USFCA using the on-line registration. 

Click on the "Online Store" menu item and select the correct type of membership subscription for you.    Alternatively, you can print a hardcopy of the membership form and send it through the mail. 

When you register as a website user, you do several important things:

  • You put yourself on the USFCA's list to receive newsletters and announcements, keeping you in touch with events and news of the only organization for Fencing Coaches in the US.
  • You become authorized to post entries to the Fencing Coaches forum.
  • You provide demographics for the USFCA to better serve the fencing community. 

To register, click on the "Register" link.  This is located in the Account Login box on the Home page, and in the info bar (at the top of the screen).

You will be asked for some information, as follows:

  • Your User Name - This is the name that you will use to log onto the site.
  • Your First and Last Names - Please provide accurate information for this.  This will not be shared with any organization or persons outside the USFCA.
  • Your Display Name - this is the name that will be shown as your "name" when you're logged in.  For example, if other people look to see who's logged onto the site at any time, this is what will show.
  • Your Email address - gotta have this!
  • Your Password - You specify what your password will be.

Immediately after registering, you will be logged in. 

If you do not immediately supply it, you will be asked for some additional information when you log in the next time.  The profile information edit page will appear, and you'll be asked to fill it in.  You only need to fill in the REQUIRED fields - those with a red arrow by them.

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