Thursday, November 23, 2017
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The USFCA is an AAI Certified organization and as thus can award the titles of Master, Prevot, Moniteur and Assistant Moniteur to coaches that pass those respective levels of certification. While other members of the USFCA may have credentials from other entities this listing is provided as a service for finding fencing instruction from USFCA certified coaches who are active members.  If you are interested in determining if an individual has previously been certified by the USFCA but may not currently be an active member please send email to usfca_certification_verification .

Princess Rashid    View Details
Larbi Soufiane    View Details
Michael Botenhagen  CA  View Details
Jere Bothelio  CA  View Details
charles scott chapman  CA  View Details
Paul  Cooke  CA  View Details
Katherine Gillcrist  CA  View Details
Paul Gilmartin  CA  View Details
John Heberling  CA  View Details
Kathryn Krusen  CA  View Details
Doug  Maguire  CA  View Details
Sandor Mandoki  CA  View Details
Beau Mitchum  CA  View Details
Kevin Osborn  CA  View Details
Jessica Readi-Brown  CA  View Details
Randy Schuyler  CA  View Details
David Sinkkonen  CA  View Details
William Sterling  CA  View Details
Mark Wheeler  CA  View Details
Heath Winer  CA  View Details
Marty Young  CA  View Details
Gerardo Duran  FL  View Details
Hartwell (Ed) Nolan  GA  View Details
Andrew Wong  HK  View Details
Jennifer Semon  IA  View Details
Christopher French  IL  View Details
Mark Krusac  IL  View Details
Mark Brandyberry  IN  View Details
Jim Owen  IN  View Details
Steven Thomas  IN  View Details
William Winget  IN  View Details
John Dillard  KS  View Details
Curtis Rossiter  KS  View Details
Jim Martin  KY  View Details
Richard Bell  MA  View Details
David Brown  MA  View Details
Douglas Jacobs  MA  View Details
Jeff Lord  MA  View Details
Deborah Apple  MD  View Details
William Barwick  MD  View Details
Castilla McNamara  MD  View Details
Gregory Paye  MD  View Details
Thomas Bowcock  ME  View Details
Susan Starrett Martin  ME  View Details
Benjamin Schleis  MI  View Details
Ronald Frazzini  MN  View Details
Kevin Tisdale  MO  View Details
Jorge Cordero  NC  View Details
Gregory Spahr  NC  View Details
Dellas Herbel  ND  View Details
Charles Astudillo  NJ  View Details
James Carpenter  NJ  View Details
Jane Eyre  NJ  View Details
Dirk Goldgar  NJ  View Details
Harry James  NJ  View Details
Eli Delgado  NV  View Details
Bruce Gillman  NY  View Details
Michael  Martin  NY  View Details
James McClymonds  NY  View Details
Moses Jr Sistrunk  NY  View Details
Daniel Sova  NY  View Details
James Dunkerley  OH  View Details
Richard Wetzel  OH  View Details
David  Dean  OK  View Details
Christopher Rose  OK  View Details
Brad Winder  ON  View Details
Samuel Aldridge  OR  View Details
Christopher Leclercq  OR  View Details
John Michael McTigue  OR  View Details
Anthony Alvarez  PA  View Details
Lara Masters  PA  View Details
Patrick Mifflin  PA  View Details
Jeremy Schmid  PA  View Details
Dennis Kraft  TN  View Details
James  Basler  TX  View Details
Grace Buchanan  TX  View Details
Jeffrey Eagen  TX  View Details
Don Grainger  TX  View Details
Quinton Long  TX  View Details
Liz Mayerich  TX  View Details
Kate Sierra  TX  View Details
David Daniels  VA  View Details
Jill Feldman  VA  View Details
Mark Logan  VA  View Details
Viveka Fox  VT  View Details
Martin Tetloff  WA  View Details

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