Thursday, November 23, 2017
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This is a list of the standing committees for the USFCA, their function and primary contacts. 

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is composed of the President, Executive Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and the Regional Vice Presidents. This committee is responsible for governing the organization.

Peter Burchard, President & Chair,

Constitution and Bylaws Committee

The Constitution and By-Laws Committee shall receive all resolutions or inquiries affecting the Constitution and By-Laws, report its findings and conclusions to the Executive Committee, and make recommendations for appropriate changes to the Constitution and By-Laws to the Annual General Meeting.

Awards and Recognition Committee

The Awards and Recognition Committee shall perform all functions necessary for the creation and presentation of awards from the Association to members or other persons who are chosen for honors.

  • Andy Shaw (Southwest)
  • Roberto Sobalvarro (Midwest Region)

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee shall create education standards and the process of achieving these standards, coordinating their efforts with the Certifications and Accreditation Board and other committees, to assist in meeting the standards and goals of the whole organization. It will conduct and assist in conducting clinics and seminars for fencing coaches and instructors.

  • Vinnie Bradford, Chair
  • Kate Sierra 
  • Chuck Alexander
  • Cody Mattern
  • Christine Griffith
  • Jerry Benson

Publicity and Public Relations

The Publicity and Public Relations Committee shall study ways and means to educate the public concerning fencing, and to make it more attractive to spectators by recommending innovations in fencing format and publicity concerning the sport and the Association.

  • Gary Van der Wedge, Chair
  • Jeremy Schmid
  • Jeff Kallio
  • Chuck Alexander

High School Committee

The High School Committee shall act as the liaison with high school coaches and facilitate development of fencing at the secondary school level.

  • TBD

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall present a financial report to the Executive Committee not less frequently than quarterly. This report will include the financial condition of the USFCA, its projected condition through the balance of the fiscal year, as well as the condition of any investments, loans or other organizational financial contracts.

  • Paul Gianneschi, Chair

Club/Community Committee

The Club/Community Committee shall act as the liaison with Club/Community coaches and teachers of fencing, and establish programs for fencing development at these levels.

  • Walter Green, Chair

Collegiate Committee

The Collegiate Committee shall act as liaison with college coaches and teachers of fencing and shall facilitate development of fencing at the collegiate level.

  • TBD


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